What is Curling?

This video is a pretty good introduction...and its only 2 minutes long.

You can also check out this 5-video series produced locally at an OVCA member club.


What Equipment do I need?

If you're just starting, you probably have everything you need in your home right now.  You'll need

  • Warm clothing (preferably not fleece...it tends to shed debris on the ice)
  • A pair of CLEAN running shoes.

You'll also need to get a "slider" - a slip on device made of plastic or Teflon that allows you to slide on the ice.  These can be found at curling supply or other sporting goods stores.

Most clubs have 'loaner' brooms that you can use while getting used to the game. 

slider club broom
A typical slipon-type slider A typical "club" broom


I can't get down into the hack to deliver, or have some other physical impairment.  Does that mean I can't curl?

No it doesn't! You are allowed to use a device called a "delivery stick" that lets you deliver the rock from a standing position.  In wheelchair curling, the thrower has a person stand behind them to anchor the wheelchair while the thrower delivers.  Vision impaired curlers use laser-type devices to help them see the position of the skip's broom.

Curling truly is a game for everyone.


So how do I get more information?

This website is a great start.  As our member clubs finalize plans for the upcoming season, this website will give you access to openings in leagues, clubs and learn to curl programs in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

In the meantime, find an OVCA-member club near you and ask about their programming.

Open Houses